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We will be hosting our one-day Strategy course again in December and beginning of 2023
Behavioural Strategy - Cockpit

Behavioural Strategy

During this one-day course at castle Heemstede in Houten, we will guide you first through the fundamentals of Behavioural Science. How do we actually think, and what are the traps into which our minds tend to fall? This will be followed by an in-depth overview of strategy concepts and Game Theory.

By means of interactive discussions, real-life examples and group exercises, you will learn the best practices for countering biases in your strategic decisions. We will also teach you how to design the best context for making strategic decisions. The factors of culture and incomplete information and examples of good strategy will be discussed at length.

Your teacher will be Duncan Rooders, an alumnus of Harvard Business School's OPM programme, a graduate of London Business School's MSc Sloan Strategy Programme, a graduate of LSE's MSc in Behavioural Science Programme and a former Boeing 747 pilot.


Julia Brouwers

Julia Brouwers

Duncan Rooders