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Our one-day course on aligning interdisciplinary processes within teams will take place in December and January. This course is aimed at discovering a new way of aligning interdisciplinary processes.
Human Dynamics - People at sea

Human Dynamics

During this one-day training course at castle Heemstede in Houten we will introduce you to the fundamentals of Behavioural Science. We will analyse human behaviour together to see whether people act as expected or if they behave irrationally. Can seemingly dysfunctional behaviour actually be designated as irrational at all?

We will teach you how to use these behavioural insights to better understand the dynamics between individuals. We will also focus on the dynamics within teams to improve the alignment of processes. General cultural and social preferences will be discussed and analysed together, as well as at an individual level in order to understand the dynamics that drive our behaviour.

We will be using a special form of dialogue (the Socratic method), which will provide more clarity about the goals of individuals and teams. We will also examine the ethics and the beliefs underlying these goals.

The outcomes of this training are a better understanding of stakeholder interaction, a reflection on the goals of your team and you as an individual,and insight into what drives human dynamics.


Julia Brouwers

Julia Brouwers

Duncan Rooders