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Thoughts and stories

We all have thoughts and tell stories, both to ourselves and to others.
This is part of how we interact as humans, so let us share our stories and thoughts with you.
Always learning - Bookshelves

Always learning

As you may have already discovered by reading our bio, we love studying. Or at least, we're both very eager to learn. That's actually also how we met, through an event run by the School of Life. This was totally unknown territory to both of us and it inspired us. It turned out that we shared interests, which led to many conversations, brainstorm sessions and coordination, but it was this love of studying in particular that led to our collaboration. What triggers this love of learning?

Naturally, this is different for everyone, but it is clear that all forms of studying have their advantages. For me, it is about discovering our world over and over again in new ways and making new or more complete connections. For Duncan, it is about personal growth, with a changed perspective giving a different view of things.

Another aspect of continued learning is the environment in which it takes place and encounters with other people who have different opinions or new knowledge. We all tend to surround ourselves with people who think more or less the same way we do. However, our society is much more varied than our own opinions and outlook on things. Coming into contact with people who think differently forces us to continue thinking, arguing, reflecting on our own thoughts and maybe even adjusting or radically revising our opinions. This process has two advantages. By using your brain, you keep it active, preventing some of the effects of old age and associated conditions such as dementia. Having an active brain also ensures that you acquire new knowledge faster. A win-win situation!

Always learning - Books

The other benefit of continuing to learn is the opportunities for continued growth. By this, I mean growth primarily as an expansion of your own development, whether you use it for professional or private purposes.

Written by Julia Brouwers