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Thoughts and stories

We all have thoughts and tell stories, both to ourselves and to others.
This is part of how we act as humans, so let us share our stories and thoughts with you.
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Last year, together with my fellow London School of Economics (LSE) classmate, good friend and Affective Advisory partner Torben Emmerling we published an article in HBR.org. After our studies in Behaviour Science at LSE, Torben and I remained strongly interested in group dynamics. Over the years, we had encountered some exciting ideas that we wanted to share with the broader public in our work. In particular, we wanted to share our thoughts on how better decisions can be made in a group setting.

At first, we wrote a more academic version that we sent into HBR for review and potential publication. However, our hopes were not that high as we realised that getting published in Harvard Business Review would be quite challenging. Fortunately we received a very positive response and started a very engaging and interactive process with the HBR the editorial department.

HBR provided tremendous feedback and support that helped us to adapt our article for the intended audience. We managed to condense the paper down to a two-page format. We had to learn how to embed references into the article. The traditional academic approach is to incorporate multiple references into a sentence, but that doesn't make for easy reading. Instead, we opted for a feature in which references can be retrieved by clicking on a different coloured portion of a sentence.

After a few months of this collaboration, we finally received a message from HBR that our article would be published the next day. We were delighted to see our article appear online and were very grateful for the opportunity to get published by HBR. They even highlighed us as Management Tip of the Day.

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We had never anticipated reaching such a large audience, and were delighted to receive many positive responses from around the world. We are extremely grateful to Harvard Business Review!

If you would like to discuss this topic further, please get in touch with us.

The following is the link to the article in HBR. We hope you like it!

Written by Duncan Rooders