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Decision Making: Optimising Team Dynamics

The process of decision-making is crucial in any context. In this module, we focus intensively on the dynamics of decision-making. What defines a good decision, and what are the best processes for making a decision?

We will discuss the factors that influence the decision-making process and how you should design this process. We refer to this as 'choice architecture', which aims at having the best chance for the desired outcome. We will also discuss at length the best strategies for making decisions both on an individual basis and in a team. What works best and why? Anyone interested in how decisions are made will gain a lot from this deep dive into theory and practice.
Training Decision Making: Optimising Team Dynamics

Module content

How can you improve team decision-making? For example, are large teams better than smaller ones when it comes to decision-making? And how do individuals actually make decisions? Find out what a better decision actually means.

* Personalised online survey before the start of the module aimed at analysing your personal decision style
* Introduction to Behavioural Science, Biases and Heuristics
* Personalised feedback on the outcome of your survey
* Introduction to Dual Process Theory: how do people think?
* Effective communication
* Seven strategies for better decision-making in teams as published in Harvard Business Review by BSB co-founder Duncan Rooders
* Perspectives on Risk and Loss Aversion
* Behavioural change interventions
* Group cases
* Unique opportunity to put your new insights into practice by flying in a Boeing 737 simulator.

Cost: €2990 per person for this three-day training course

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