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Human dynamics

Every business is the sum of individual behaviours. Our training focuses on investigating the how and why behind human behaviour, so you can better understand expected and dysfunctional behaviour, and learn how to influence behaviour to improve outcomes.

Training Human Dynamics

Module content

Our social preferences and personal beliefs have a significant impact on how we interact with each other. We can show you how to improve human dynamics by means of our applied psychological and philosophical insights. We focus on reflexivity, ethics and evaluation in helping you to align your goals with those of your stakeholders.

* Introduction to behavioural science
* The Socratic method: a form of dialogue, that encourages a group to ask questions and reach clarity with respect to the organisation's purpose or goals
* Stakeholder interaction: understanding the ideas and interests of different key players in other settings
* Reflexivity, examination of one's own beliefs, judgements and practices during interdisciplinary processes and how these may influence outcomes
* Basic ethical principles and why ethics matters

Cost: € 990 per person for this one-day training course

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