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Why we do what we do and why you should too

Why should your company invest in this new area of Behavioural Science? Investing in the use of Behavioural Science in your company will put you ahead of your competition.... and has been shown to improve the outcome of decision-making processes and increase the effectiveness of your business strategy.
Why we do it - Plant

The why question.

'Why' is the starting point for understanding conscious or unconscious behaviour. By investigating this behavioural process and making it transparent, you gain more control over your decisions, strategy and purpose. What is your purpose, or what is the purpose of your organisation? What is it good for? Making an impact requires clarity and respect for that purpose, whatever it may be. Classical economics is based on the rational behaviour of people; everything that deviates is by definition irrational. But is that really true? By examining your purpose (or the organisation's purpose), these irrational acts could be explained perfectly logically. This can make a decision process insightful, or the implementation of simple nudges effortless. 'Why' does not always need a profound explanation. Understanding personal or professional motivations will help you to see yourself in the context of your purpose or that of the organisation. This in turn will lead to more effective decisions and better outcomes. In short, added value.

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