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Welcome to BSB: behavioural science for business.

We provide training in decision-making, strategy, finance and transforming human behaviour. We are comitted to researching, understanding and predicting human behaviour.

Why we do what we do and why you should too

Why should your company invest in this new area of behavioural science? Investing in the use of applied behavioural science in your company will elevate your competitive advantage and help you stay ahead.

Our training programmes

We provide training in the areas of Finance, Strategy, Human Dynamics and Decision Making. We present you with challenges and interventions that demonstrate the power of behavioural science. Our training days revolve around a specific case study that best suits your needs and interests. Read on for a brief description of the areas in which we specialise.

Behavioural Strategy

This programme focuses on the context for strategic choices in which trade-offs have to be made. By means of Behavioural Game Theory, we can help you to better understand the context in which your decision-making takes place.

Human dynamics

Our social preferences and personal beliefs have a significant impact on how we interact with each other. We can show you how to improve human dynamics by means of our applied psychological and philosophical insights. We focus on reflexivity, ethics and evaluation in helping you to align your goals with those of your stakeholders.

Decision Making: Optimising Team Dynamics

How can you improve team decision-making? For example, are large teams better than smaller ones when it comes to decision-making? And how do individuals actually make decisions? Find out what a better decision actually means.

Behavioural Finance

We provide you with insights into Behavioural Finance by demonstrating the connection between investing and applied psychology. We can reveal common pitfalls and biases so you can avoid errors in financial decision-making.

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Behavioural Strategy

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Decision-Making: optimising Team Dynamics

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Behavioural Finance

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Human Dynamics

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